Hello, I’m Rheva

There’s too much to share about the past 42 years, so I’ll just hit the highlights for you below.:)

Early on

I am a PK born in Houston, TX and started singing at the age of 4. I was involved in various arts schools and academic programs throughout my childhood that solidified music into my world. I grew up singing in church, but refused to go the arts high school in Houston because I wanted a regular high school life. I had my eyes set on being a cheerleader and homecoming queen. Mission accomplished.


After studying music in undergrad, falling in love with Jesus, and studying worship in graduate school, I knew worship ministry was a big part of my purpose here on earth. I am a teacher by nature so leading and training worship leaders feels the most natural to me. I have been leading worship for 22 years and I am currently Worship Pastor at Studio in Greenville, SC.