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Why Not Here…Why Not Now?

Why not me??

These three questions have echoed in my head all week after such an impacting weekend in Tucson. I knew it would be great and monumental, but of course my finite mind couldn’t begin to fathom what would take place for my friends and I.

I had very little exposure to Randy Clark’s ministry before attending Awakened to Destiny. I knew about the Toronto Revival, I knew he prayed for Heidi Baker when she was a worn out missionary, and I had heard Bill Johnson speak about him. After leaving the conference however, I wanted to now call him Papa Randy! lol

All that God spoke to me and did in me will unfold over these next several years, but I am excited that it is starting now! Why not now right? First up…THIS BLOG!!! It’s under a new name, but it is back!

I have been sitting on this name for eight years, because I initially wasn’t released to do anything with it. Then fear stepped in, and I buried it and masked it as many other things. But thanks to a much-needed meeting with some great brothers of mine, HERE WE ARE!!

Going back and reading my old posts from the beginning of my journey here to Phoenix have been great reminders. There has been a purpose for every struggle, and I’ve literally watched the direction of my life move from faith to faith AND from glory to glory. There is so much more to be discovered!!

The next few weeks are going to be challenging, but I will stay focused and not allow the busyness to keep me from pouring out my all for His pleasure. Pleasing Him is all that matters to me in this season. It is going to be exciting, so stay tuned…

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