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The Journey Begins…

Surprisingly I made it on my 17 hour drive to Phoenix! It was only by the grace of God but I am thankful for all the prayer warriors that were on duty while I was on the road. 🙂 The drive wasn’t too bad, but I was definitely ready to get out of that car in New Mexico! Lol

As I was driving I kept thinking that this had to be the craziest thing I have ever done in my life!! And at one point I realized that everything I NOW owned (minus the 5 boxes that have to be shipped to me! Lol) is in my car. I went from having a FULL one-bedroom apartment (and when I say full, there was stuff in EVERY closet, EVERY drawer, and EVERY cabinet!!!) to having only a car full of stuff. I don’t know if I gave away or threw away more. But whatever I did, I now have a 5 x 6 storage that is nowhere near full. My what a difference a couple of days make…

After I arrived in Phoenix, I was on the phone with my Dad and he said something that struck a chord with me. He said, “Yeah Rhe, that’s how you conquer anything in life. You just take it one step/mile at a time and be determined to complete it.” I knew that I HAD to get to Phoenix because my true purpose and destiny awaited me here. I had such a determination to get to my appointed place that although I was tired of driving and really could have done without “the process”, I kept going, and going, and going. And because of that determination I was able to do something that I never thought I could do, simply because I had never done it before.

It’s amazing what we can talk ourselves out of doing merely because we don’t have a foreknowledge about the task. But how much more could we accomplish if we didn’t allow fear to paralyze us? What could be changed in our world if we conquered the fear of the unknown? I think I am about to find out….

God has already started working and speaking and I haven’t even been here for a full 24 hours yet!! I am extremely excited to finally become the “Rheva” that God formed me to be. That statement may confuse some because you feel as if you have seen me walk in my purpose and do what God has called me to do. But the truth is I have only had my pinkie toe in the water. God is ready to do so much more that goes beyond what others (and myself) feel that I am capable of doing.

After God had confirmed to me that I was to move to Phoenix, I was having some quiet/worship time and began to write this:


You work out my end at my beginning…that’s why I can trust you.

In the end everything works for my good because of my purpose and your love.

I never have to worry about my destination with you as the director of my path.

I may be blind in faith but I know wherever I am going it’s just right for me.

You have me

I am yours

I am yours

And that’s all that matters

As I go you will show me. As I go you will tell me. As I go you will make me into her….

She’s purposefully walking toward what was crafted just for her.

She’s going beyond every self-inflicted limit.

She’s becoming one of the things you promised to make new.

She’s the real me….finally…


My journey begins now…

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