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Seasons are Changing

The Phoenix heat seems to be leaving! The past few days have been so pleasant to where I almost forgot that it was a record-breaking day on Thursday. lol But nevertheless, it is clear that this season is changing, literally and figuratively.

This Summer has been one of the hottest Summers according to some here in Phoenix, but this Summer has also been one of the “hottest” for me personally. I’ve had a lot of ministry happening over the Summer. First up was Camp Elevate in June and the MANY things that went along with that.:) Then I had the opportunity to lead the worship team at Faith Builders International Ministries for a couple of nights in July and lead worship at GMI Church one Sunday. During August I was given the opportunity to rebuild the youth worship team at my church CFTN, and oversee the planning for our young adult retreat Elevate Remix. All while continuing to teach online and I started teaching on campus at GCU at the end of August. And just yesterday, I had the opportunity to help coordinate a 90+ member choir for the half-time show at the Arizona Cardinals season opener. I’ve been busy to say the least. But in the midst of all of the work, I lost my car, and I am in the process of trying to get another one. When I say it’s been HOT, it has been HOT!!

However, despite the overwhelming feeling at times, I have found so much peace when I rest in His presence. And when I say rest, I mean resting on my face! When you completely surrender everything (every idea, plan, detail, thought) to Him, it completely alleviates the pressure and the stress that our handling our lives can bring. I know that I’m peaking into my season as the heat begins to subside and I am looking forward to the harvest of Fall. He is so faithful and honors our obedience and our sacrifices. So, I am expecting BREAKTHROUGH and I am ready for my new season!!

A friend of mine reminded me today of something I said when I was in Texas. I said my desire was to use all of my gifts as I was using them in Texas, but I wanted to use them in the exact place I was supposed to be. And I have found my home.:)

I absolutely love my ministry family, and I know they are family because NONE of them keep a clean car! Lol And if you know me WELL, you know a clean car was a rarity for me. I have a boss/leader/brother/pastor/friend who is a combination of my Spiritual Father and my Natural Father so I really get the best of both worlds with him (and sometimes the worst….lol! But I’ve been conditioned and equipped to handle those days!! It’s all love “bishop”!) I love my church, I love what is happening in the youth ministry, I love what is happening in CMJ Ministries, I love being able to be on-campus at GCU, I just love my life. It looks absolutely NOTHING like my life in Texas. I don’t have the luxuries and comforts that I was used to, but what God has and is continuing to do in me spiritually completely trumps all of what I thought I needed.

So, here’s to a new season!!

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