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It’s Been a Year…

A year ago this weekend I set out on a faith journey like none that I had experienced before. The only thing I had was a word from the Lord saying, “Go!”. I had a few plans, which didn’t work out as I would have hoped for them to, but I have learned over this year how to truly trust the sovereign hand of God.

I have experienced the toughest season of my life over this past year, but I was so thankful that God allowed my dad to stay here on earth long enough to walk with me through it. I am thankful for every word of encouragement, every prayer, and every talk that we had during that season. He was always my biggest cheerleader in life, but most importantly he always taught me the importance of trusting in God even when it hurts. So, with my dad’s passing this past year, my faith and trust in God’s sovereignty had to go to a completely different level. Understanding that God always knows exactly what He’s doing, I knew that there was a greater purpose for my dad no longer being here with me. As I even shared in the eulogy at his funeral, it felt like it was time for the training wheels to come off. My dad had fulfilled his assignment on earth and in my life. It was now up to me to take everything I had been taught and to apply it.

There was definitely a transfer when my dad passed away.  I had to pick up the mantle that he carried that impacted the lives of so many people. I have had to accept the call to proclaim God’s word and to lead my family. Both are and have been overwhelming to me, but I know that will all continue to unfold throughout this year and years to come. I understand that it’s not wrapped up in Rheva, but it’s the empowerment of the Holy Spirit through Rheva. So, the pressure is off. I just need to stay on my face, right at the foot of the throne, for the download. He will tell me what to say and what to do. There’s no pressure when you truly understand whose job it actually is.

God brought me here to Phoenix to experience freedom in so many areas of my life. Am I completely free? No. But am I getting there? Definitely! He’s done quick works in my life since I’ve been here, and I really don’t have a clue as to what’s ahead. I know He’s drawing me into a much deeper place in my relationship with Him. And there is such a stronger desire to go deeper in my study time and deeper in my prayer time. I feel like there is such a sense of urgency to do all that I can to build His Kingdom. There are so many lives at stake. There are so many people who need to know Jesus, God’s love given to them through Jesus, the freedom that comes from having a life in Jesus, and the authority and victory they have through Jesus. The enemy has been lying to too many people for so long, it’s time that we give them truth! So, I’m not going to rest until they know it.

I am so thankful to be around people that have the same heart, and desire to give this generation the truth.  I am thankful that we are not only concerned about ministering to the youth, but also to their families. I am so blessed every week  I get to see teenagers crying out to God in worship and truly seeking an intimate relationship with Him. I am so blessed to see young people that are ready to change their world by starting with their families and schools. I am so blessed to be at a church that loves to worship, but also loves to train leaders and send them out.  I am blessed to be surrounded by people that have my back, will pray with me and for me, who just genuinely have hearts of gold. Although I miss TX, my family, and friends, I am completely living my life from an eternal perspective. I know I am here because I am supposed to be and it was absolutely necessary. Now when the enemy tries to get to me, I am now equipped to fight back. Because I understand that my weapons are not carnal, but are MIGHTY to the pulling down of strongholds! I can go to a realm that he cannot! Hallelujah!!!!

I am not the same Rheva that left TX this weekend a year ago. And I love what He is doing in me and through me. There is a generation waiting, and He has made me an influencer. He has called me to train leaders, and to take the church mountain. Only he knows where we’re headed, but because of His sovereignty, I am not anxious. He’s really great at being Him.

So, if I could sum up the past year in a few words it would be…life-changing growth journey toward freedom and purpose. Let’s go year 2….

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