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I Feel Like I’m About to Throw-Up

I have been in such a nervous place the past couple of weeks. New things can be a bit unnerving at times, or you feel like you are about to throw-up as my friend Rachel O says! Lol

But I was in staff prayer last week, and I was laying all of these “new things” before Him and this is what He said to me. “Rheva there is a difference when people come to me and tell me what they are going to do for me, and when I ask someone to do something for me. This is what I am asking you to do.” And I cried, because clearly I am a crier! Knowing that He will not ask you to do anything that He has not prepared you for puts you at ease. Knowing that He would not ask you to do anything that He didn’t trust you to do is humbling. The difficult thing to do is to not allow ambition to take away from what He desires to do.

Sometimes God gives us just a little seed, and we take it and grow it into something it was never meant to be. I see His hands out ready to give these things to me, but I see myself simply placing my hands over His saying, “Lets do this together”. I never want to take any of these things out His hands, because He knows exactly what He wants to do with all of them. I wish I had a 10 year plan of what this all will look like, but I keep hearing “As you go, I will show you.”

It is super humbling to be asked to do something that you don’t completely understand yet you know that it is so much bigger than you. I don’t know what is ahead, but I will continue to take one step at a time, with my hands interlocked with His, yielding completely to His direction.

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