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Commit Your Way…

My time here in Phoenix has been nothing short of an adventure. The journey to discovering Rheva has been a difficult one but so rewarding at the same time. The start of this year, God had to once again prove to me that He was running ALL of this and I wasn’t. You know sometimes God gives us something to do, and we drag our feet on actually doing it because it may cause us discomfort, we may be fearful of it, or any other excuse we can come up with. But Papa always knows best! He knows what we need and when we need it. Sometimes He has to push us out of the nest so we can learn to fly…even if WE thought we were already flying. (Let that settle in for a moment…selah)

He has a way of setting things in order in your life when you commit your ways to Him (Psalm 37:5 NKJV). That word for commit comes from a word picture in Hebrew, for when a camel is carrying a load and gets to his master. He bends down to the ground, and rolls the load or lords the load he was carrying over to his master. So, when we commit our ways to the Lord, we are rolling our loads that we are carrying over to our Master’s feet. (Someone should cue the organ right there!)

But the catch is in the next part of the scripture. We then have to trust Him with it and not pick it back up again! I am sure I am not the only one that surrenders something to the Lord in a “Holy Moment” only to go get it back and start worrying about it all over again. But when we leave it there with Him, the result will be His action on our behalf. And I am living proof of that!!

I have had such peace this year, because I made a choice to commit my ways to the Lord at the beginning of his year. At times I felt like I should be more uneasy or more frantic than I was, but I knew why I had peace. I knew my current situations were not surprises to God. I knew He had a plan, and I just had to trust Him.

He has aligned my passions with His, and has opened more doors of opportunity. He has provided constantly for me. I may not eat all of the time, but I have not starved! Lol

A new season is on the horizon for me to do something I’ve always had a love for, but I have ran from for a long time. I will get to marry my two loves of teaching music and training young worship leaders. Things that never would have happened if I would have stayed in the nest. We have pieces of the puzzle sometimes and we go full throttle in one particular direction to pursue those things, when in actuality God has more things to add to our puzzle in order to expand it and us. But when we commit our ways to Him, even when things hurt or don’t make sense, and trust Him despite what we see, we can rest assured that He will ACT!!


So, here’s to new beginnings!

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